ramblings of a crazy chick…

So I have decided to just write, I feel a need to just write, so here I am in all my weirdness!

There has been something bugging me lately. I have probably THE most annoying little voice in my head that every now and again won’t shut up and at the moment it keeps saying to me, “do you take smiling happy pictures of your kids to prove to yourself that they have a happy childhood?” Pretty annoying hey!!!

But it has me thinking too, I have been through all the I want nice, pretty, happy, perfect portraits of my kids phase and I have moved on, when I started taking photographs of my kids I did it to capture memories, not to create memories. I wanted to capture life, experiences, joy, discovery, excitement, growth etc etc I wanted to capture the moments and memories that I wanted to remember and that I wanted my kids to remember, I wanted to capture them, not a staged set of life but life in all its messy glory, the good and the bad. I want honesty, realness, beauty, mundane, us. This is where I am at right now – and I like it!!!

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