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I wasn’t going to write this month, I wanted to avoid it, erase the last few weeks from my memory, we have not had such a great time. But then life is full of the good and the bad and the ugly and at the end of the day the bad things help you see the good ones and appreciate them that much more.

So I looked back at some of the photos from the last 2 weeks and there aren’t that many to be fair but there are still memories, still moments, still smiles, still discoveries, still reason to start the day with an optimistic smile on the dial!

So my mini monsters this month I am writing to you both. We have had a lot of fights and a lot of bad horrible moments the past few weeks and I do honestly feel that we have seen the end of it. There is light at the end of our tunnel and we once again can start to enjoy our everyday! I should have seen it coming, I mean I cannot expect to fly you across the other side of the world to a place where we have no friends, no family, no help, no familiarity and just expect it all to be smooth sailing! There was bound to be some shit and some really crappy days. You two though still make it worthwhile to try, to try and find the the positive, the fun, the bright side of every situation and I want to thank you two because I am pretty sure that you teach me more than I have ever taught you!

So here is to our new life, our new start and our new adventure! I hope we can enjoy and make the most of every moment and be happy exploring and discovering together just like best friends should!

Although we have been out most days, my camera hasn’t. Its been a time to concentrate on you and not your picture. So for now here is just some of our everyday:

loving that happy face

the chase

not winning any mommy award here

oh youtube – I hate you but dude loves you


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  • I’m glad you participated this month! I have some rough times too with my own little kids, but I also think that’s when they teach me the most 🙂 Beautiful shots!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra you are so strong the these kiddos are so lucky to have you! We all have THOSE days. The ones you write so honestly about! I hope they take it a little easier on you. 🙂 XOXO They look like adorable “mini monsters”.ReplyCancel

  • elaina mortali

    oh honey, I can’t imagine how hard it has been to move again, further away and from all that was familiar. You are doing amazing and those kiddos sure are adorable for little “monsters” !!! 🙂ReplyCancel