jet plane…

If someone offered me a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, guaranteed crappiest seat on the plan, crap food, jet lag, no sleep, I would be camped out outside the airport waiting to board cause at the moment that honestly would feel like a holiday!!! We all have these days, you know the ones, where seriously your kids could not get anymore annoying, anymore whinny, anymore impatient, anymore demanding, anymore rude, anymore painful!!

I feel as though my head is going to explode! I have tried every trick in the book, we all do, we tell ourselves that they are just this naughty because they are really clever and need stimulation and we all honestly also know that thats a load of crap and they are just downright naughty! I know its a stage and it will pass like everything else and as much as I say I would give them to the next taker I miss them when I don’t see them for more than 30mins!

Parenthood is an emotional roller coster!

Thank goodness for photography, it shows me their cute little innocent faces when I can no longer see clearly through the fog of crap!

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