tiny in Tokyo… part 1

A new beginning, a fresh start, a new adventure, call it what you want at the end of the day – its all new! And lets face it when you are faced with everything written in Japanese its not only new but very very foreign!! Grocery shopping has never been this challenging before haha! And thats coming from someone who lived in Egypt!! Life is boring without a challenge though!

So anyway its now a week since we arrived! I think we may finally be getting over the jet lag! Yep its taken us that long! Well in fairness it wouldn’t have taken quite so long but the little lady was a little cow bag!

This is the third time that we have gone through this jet lag thing – all four of us – and this time has truly sucked! As much as I love to watch the sunrise, I don’t like it as much if I have been awake since 1am!

The little pea at the moment believes that 1am is a good time to start the day!

Well the chickie is in for a surprise cause momma isn’t enjoying it!

Hubbie bless his heart has had to go to work everyday even though he is trying to function on about 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night! Still when you are in a hotel and are high up the night view of Tokyo is fantastic!

And it is hard to get cross with something this cute who obviously thinks dancing is way more fun than sleeping:

You may have noticed that there are no photos of the dude in here, well with good reason, he is a trooper, my fantastic little traveller who like his mommy really likes his sleep! He was over the jet lag before any of us! You rock dude!

So now we are out of the hotel, the furniture is in place and we are slowly getting ourselves sorted! I still have an awful lot to do and a good few boxes still to unpack but for the first time in my life I can honestly say I’m not in a hurry! Maybe its because I find Tokyo very calm or maybe its because I’m getting older or maybe I have just got lazy haha but hey I am going to go with the flow!

I haven’t had a chance to pick up my camera in the last few days, especially with the jet lag my eyes and brain were not functioning at all so there probably was no point anyway, but I do have a few iphone pics!

This was my first dinner in the new apartment! This for me is heaven and I plan on going out again today to get some more!

I have also replaced a few of the electrical goods, we had to get rid of our old stuff due to the change in electrical current here. Well this is also going to be fun – aaaaaargh think I may need some help:

Well I better be off! Time to do some exploring and some shopping! I will be back soon with some more tiny in Tokyo adventures!

oh and ps: I am collecting four rolls of film from the shop up the road on Saturday so hopefully I will have some fun stuff from the UK to share 🙂

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