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Seriously these blog circles do really help you realise how fast a month passes by wow!!

A good reminder to make the most of everyday cause they pass far too fast!

So our everyday at the moment is a little boring, we are nearing the end of our wait before we can fly out to our new home so it feels like we are constantly waiting for something at the moment! But now there is less than a week and the excitement is starting to show! Of course the little pea has no idea what is going on but the dude and myself are counting down the days! He actually asks me every hour or so if we are going to the airport yet – ever so slightly annoying but I am glad he is so happy!

I struggled to think of what to post for this weeks circle cause live really isn’t super exciting and the place is a mess too! But then when I was looking through the 500 photos I have already taken for April something stood out! We are all complete techno freaks! Myself, the dude and even the little pea constantly have something going – we are completely addicted!! Of course I blame my mom cause she is just as bad as me so I have to have gotten it from her! Love you mom!!

I had to share this picture with you though cause this to me sums up the waiting:

Here is my techno pea:

I am starting to think it may be attached to you:

you seem so small:

if it wasn’t for the noise coming from the games I swear sometimes I wouldn’t be able to find you:

But let’s not forget the dude!

You my little man are no longer interested in the games, you call them baby games.

You would much rather impersonate a teenager!!! You only want to watch pirates on youtube!! ah hence the headphones! Sorry dude there is only so much mommy can handle everyday and arrrrrrrghing pirates on repeat well let’s just say arrrrrrrrgh!!!!

I really do LOVE technology and am completely addicted myself!

I think it is great fun and I am very happy to know that my kids will grow up with no fear of it cause let’s face it, its going to be a big part of their futures!!

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  • These images are stunning, simply stunning. I love the simplicity you caught in each one. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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