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I am very excited this month to be able to start taking part in a brilliant blog circle called everyday moments! You will find the link to the next great post at the end of this one! 

I think with photography and the constant need and want to improve, we often forget why it is that we started this whole journey in the first place! Do you remember the first time you started taking pictures? What was it that made your heart sing? I started  with Landscapes and Travel photography. Back then I never thought I would love taking photographs of kids, but now that I have two of my own they are my everything and my everyday is full of little moments with them!! These moments are worth remembering and also at the same time its important to remind yourself to make the most of these moments as they change and grow so fast! Its very easy to forget to capture these but if you remember and look back at them they are normally the images you love the most! And I will bet that they are also the images your kids will enjoy looking back at when they are older!

Anyway enough of my crazy ramblings!! 

Well I really hope you enjoyed my first everyday moments post! I am so excited to do this every month! Remember to check out Andrea’s post here:  http://andreaheffernanblog.com/blog/every-day-moments-february-los-angeles-photographer and follow the circle around to get some great eye candy and inspiration!

If anyone has any questions on anything, like settings, lighting set up, processing or whatever please feel free to ask ok!!


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  • KatrinaB

    Love this, Cassie! What sweet images, and yes, those everyday moments are the ones I love most. I love the whole theme of the blog circle — off to follow around!ReplyCancel