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I discovered my love for product photography a LONG time ago. I can honestly say that I enjoy taking photographs of anything! Seriously! And I love to set up photos of objects as well. I even went through a stage when I photographed every piece of fruit and veg that passed through my house! This of course just let to me buying fruit and veg with photography in mind – seriously I am obsessed!!


I think my favourite thing about product photography is taking something that is an everyday object and finding a way to photograph it that makes it look special. I love the details, the colours and of course the challenge!


Of course it does help that these subjects stand still, don’t talk back, never have snotty noses and don’t have ideas of their own!

Luckily I do get to practise my product photography quite often as I get to the photographs for my mom’s jewellery company SassieCat.  I adore it when she brings me new pieces to photograph and I often wonder how she manages to keep any of the pieces to sell as myself and my sister are constantly trying to buy them off her first haha!!

Photographing jewellery though has taught me a lot, it may look easy but there are some very challenging pieces too and these keep me on my toes and force me to look for new ways to show them off to their best!



Geez I can ramble. If you have made it this far I applaud you!! I am convinced that my constant rambling is a side-effect of living in a foreign country and not managing to speak my womanly 12000 words a day!! (yeah apparently men need to talk 2000 and woman 12000 – you are not really surprised are you haha!)

Well I think this time I will leave the next part of the series as a surprise!! I hope you have all had a great easter!!

I love being a photographer!!!

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