What makes me click… kiddies

Yeah you saw that right – Kiddos!!!

Am I mad!! Probably haha but that is a whole different story! I mean come on they run wild, have snotty noses, food stains, don’t do anything you ask, throw tantrums, drive parents mad, etc etc etc etc Whats not to love!!! Haha but seriously we still love them hey they are great!

And why do I love photographing children so much? Because they are so natural! Kids are free-spirited, uninhibited, relaxed, energetic, open, candid, informal, spontaneous, expressive, I could go on and on, they are amazing!! The expressions and emotions that you can catch on the face of a child are priceless and they are absolutely genuine!!!

I just love to photograph children!

Also another thing I love with kids is if you ask them to pose, or ask them to smile you normally get a really cheesy, goofy looking face!! I have my fair share of these with my son who often likes to stick his face in the lens and give me a goofy smile!!

But I really do love to photograph kids, it may be exhausting, it may be far too energetic, it may be challenging but it is oh so worth it! After all as the cliche says, they grow up so fast, before you know it they will be all grown up, moved out and having kids of their own. But you will always remember them as your little kiddies and the photographs and memories will always make you smile! And its good to remember to get a few shots of the little things that also drive you mad because one day you will look back and laugh!!

So yeah I will always jump at the chance to photograph kids, trying to capture their little personalities, their characters and their genuine smiles!!

I love being a photographer!

I just had to add this one, it makes me laugh every time I see it and it really shouldn’t!! This is the second time my son has got his head stuck in the bars of something! The first time I panicked and got really upset but this time (the first time my husband saw it) I couldn’t help laughing and I was trying to take a photo but its completely blurred purely because I couldn’t stop laughing!! Ah but don’t worry he got free in no time!! 🙂

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  • Great pictures Cassandra. Love the last 2 images. Esp the last one.ReplyCancel

  • Oh Cassie! These are beautiful. The first one with the camera is so cute. And the one where they are walking in the woods from behind holding hands. Sooooo lovely. It made me sigh. Great job!ReplyCancel

  • these are wonderful images, Cassandra! so much joy and happiness.ReplyCancel

  • Love the little photographer in the making, and the one of the three of them walking! I much prefer shooting children, they are so natural – adults need so much more direction! 🙂ReplyCancel