What makes me click…

What is it that I love to photograph?

What is it about that subject is it that appeals to me?

What don’t I like to photograph and why?

What exactly is it that makes me click?

These are the questions I have been asking myself recently. I think its time to dissect my photography and answer them!

If you had asked me four years ago what it is that I love to photograph, people would have been last on the list! This is not because I didn’t like it but because I knew nothing about it and being painfully shy doesn’t help. Instead I studied the art of photography and landscape photography and fell in love with product photography.

But then a few years ago my son was born and like many other moms out there I wanted to take nice photographs of him and save those precious memories so that I could look back and smile and some day pass them on to him for him to keep and show his own kids. At first I didn’t take it too seriously (something that I regret now) and I just took some snaps here or there and then every now and again I got one that I loved and it made me realise that I should spend more time learning how to take better photographs of my son, after all I knew how to use my camera and knew I had a love for photography and know that I can learn anything if I put my mind to it. And so I discovered just how amazing portrait photography is! I have never looked back and now I am constantly trying to find people who will let me take their photographs or their kids photographs!

Probably the single biggest impact on my portrait photography (other than my son obviously) is clickinmoms. If you have never heard ofor seen this photography community I cannot recommend it highly enough! I also wasn’t surprised to discover that so many other mothers out their discovered a love for photography after having their kids. And even though I have been taking photographs for what seems like forever I felt like a complete newbie when it came to portraits and especially kids! I mean I was just finding my feet as a mother as well! And this is where a great community of like minded people really is an amazing blessing!

So now a few years on in my photography journey I am dissecting what it is that I love to shoot and why. I feel as though I have grown to a point where I need to define who I am as a photographer. So I am going to do this in stages, each time I am going to take one of the subjects that I love and look deeper into what it is about that subject that draws me in and what exactly it is that I love to capture about that subject. I am going to make this an ongoing series on my blog and define

what exactly it is that makes me click!

I am going to start with photographing children as at the moment with two kids, this is the subject that gets the most attention! So stayed tuned! 🙂

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  • This image is FANTASTIC!!! It makes me laugh cuz I can picture my own girls smooshing their faces up against windows :)Itotally agree with you, CM is a fantastic forum, it’s changed the way i do things and learn so much!!ReplyCancel