an island hop

Ok that’s it, from now on we travel in the off season, I know the weather’s gonna be crap and I know that weView full post »

NARA | KYOTO – part 2

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, yes I am serious, it is because my kids complain, they don’t want to walkView full post »

NARA | KYOTO – part 1

Four and a half hours on a train with the kids, really?! Geez you know I wish we could just drive there! – This isView full post »

Your Shot National Geographic

This week was a good photography week for me! I recently joined the National Geographic YourShot community and I love itView full post »

a different direction…

Sitting there all wrapped up, warm, cosy, dosed up full of medication, I have a cup of tea in hand and my bum on theView full post »

a silly snow…

Ok so I have days where I feel old, old and tired, old and cranky and then we have days like yesterday – IT SNOWEDView full post »

Portraits 12: soulful

ahhhhh well let’s see I am pretty sure that it was my idea to add soulful to the list haha! It seemed like a greatView full post »

a flower project…

I recently did a great little two week workshop and I had to do a shoot in the middle of it. Well since I am not reallyView full post »

a rare snow day…

“So what do you think” he said, ” will it snow?” “Nah, I doubt it, it just doesn’tView full post »