postcards from a big city

For months now I have been making little postcards from Japan, I have no idea why I started but I don’t seem to beView full post »

little traveller…

“It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive” – English Proverb I am immensely proud of myView full post »

in summer

I cannot seem to say the words “in summer” without singing them while imagining Olaf the snowman from theView full post »

palms and breeze

“There is life in a gentle breath of wind.” _ Hawaiian ProverbView full post »

4th of July

Wishing all my american buddies a very happy Independence day today! I hope it is full of fun, laughter and celebrationView full post »

Books, visions, and an itch.

I’m pissed off with books. No wait, maybe that isn’t quite right, it’s more like I am having a seriousView full post »

on your own corner

I have been a foreigner for longer than I can remember. Moving and living somewhere new does help to constantly remindView full post »


I saw this this morning and I had to share it here! I love the Matador Network and this video by Matador Ambassador,View full post »


“Even when our sleeves brush together it is our karma.” – Japanese ProverbView full post »