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New Zealand | Christmas 2015

I have finally finished editing, it took me longer than

Milford Sound | New Zealand

Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound, two amazing places

a lesson learnt…

So I do really need to start showing some photos from

far away looking far away

Ready to see a bit of New Zealand (aka photographers

It’s almost Christmas!

As the end of the month of November has started to 

Lemitsu Mausoleum | Nikko 

Ok daily blogger I am not lol! Let’s make up for

three little monkeys…

Toshogu Shrine | Nikko | Japan

A taste of Nikko…

So apparently I am unable to keep up with my #NaPhoPoMo

A good view…

I almost missed my #NaPhoPoMo challenge today! Shame on

A taste of Kamikochi…

Today I start Xanthe Berkeley’s time capsule

Autumn colours…

I found some more Autumn colours, it’

Mount Aso ash…

By the time I got back in the car my feet were grey, my

Narai-juku details…

I could have filled a memory card!     &

A small stop in Narai-juku

Narai-juku, one of the stops along the old

And there she goes again…

I could learn a lot from this kid, she has

I see you!

6am here, determined to keep up with the #NaPhoPoMo

following the little red lanterns

I love little discoveries. I have walked past here so

Nezu-Jingu | Tokyo | Japan

I made one of those unforgivable, utterly stupid

Sometimes you just get lucky | Meji Jingu | Tokyo | Japan

I walk a lot, and as often as I can, walking I would

Statues | Kamakura | Japan

I honestly believe that you could live in Kamakura for

The Golden Pavilion | Kinkaku-ji | Kyoto | Japan

Although this place is pretty much always completely

new addiction | china town | yokohama | japan

For some reason we waited over 2 years to travel 30

Senso-Ji Temple | Peace and quiet

Every now and again I get this need to just jump in the

and then it rained

You cannot beat a good downpour! This year though has

A walk around Zojo-ji Temple, making friends with my Fuji.

  This is a post for my fellow photographer


early morning on lake Akan, it was me, the ducks and

greens – Lake Akan

You may have noticed by now that I thoroughly enjoyed

bears – Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan.

I got very worried that we wouldn’t see any bears

get ready to spread your wings and fly

Early morning, Lake Akan, Akan National Park, Hokkaido

Hello my name is Cassandra and I am a Artifact Uprising addict.

. Looking back now I wish my addiction had started

Shiretoko Peninsula

I am addicted to Japan. Travelling around this country

Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu in the Akan National Park is a beautiful

Anpanman addict

Yep she is a Anpanman addict I’ll have to keep

Shiretoko Goko Lakes walk

On the Shiretoko Peninsula there is the Shiretoko Goko

NG travel contest inspiration

. I am a huge fan of National Geographic, I

get out there

Inspired by the wonderful artifact uprising , I

summer dreaming…

My summer started here (look below), beautiful

finding a moment to breath…

I have a question for anyone that comes past

Itchy feet…

As much as I love Tokyo it can also frustrate me


. I recently took a break from my camera, I do this

wild flowers

. When I think of wildflowers it makes me feel like a


. I have lovely strong light in the far end of my

A little venting…

. Ok so I’m going to have a bit of a vent, just a

what I choose

. There is something I need to get off my chest. I have

its the simple things

. Never forget to stop and just smell the flowers.

I love the rain

I love the rain – I get that from my mom


Sometimes I find these tiny little details, I

stay calm stay focused

stay calm and stay focused – advice to

in bloom

It is 2 weeks early but the signs are spring are here

signs of life.

There is something special about seeing the small,

not seeing cebu

If you don’t know already, I am rather fond of

a colourful time of the year

October was a really pretty month here in Japan. We

signs of life

One of my favourite things to do is walk, I consider it


simple beauty is so easy for mother nature

the daily muse

“Every morning when we wake up, we have twenty-

the daily muse

“Wherever you live, you come to love it. ”

the english coast

I have just finished editing the photographs I took

#havekidswilltravel – part 1

. I have always travelled, it has been a part of my

postcards from a big city

For months now I have been making little postcards from

little traveller…

“It’s better to travel hopefully than to

in summer

I cannot seem to say the words “in summer”

palms and breeze

“There is life in a gentle breath of wind.”

4th of July

Wishing all my american buddies a very happy

on your own corner

I have been a foreigner for longer than I can remember


I saw this this morning and I had to share it here! I


“Even when our sleeves brush together it is our


“A dog that walks around will find a stick”


“Time passes away like the stream flowing both

just go

“A wise man does not lose his way, a brave man

who knows what tomorrow brings

“Talk about things of tomorrow and the mice


“what is left unsaid is rich as flowers” &#


“No man lasts more than a lifetime: his

there is a story behind every image…

It is true you know, behind every image you and I take


may be my new favourite colour… I have a whole

life in projects…

Stories give our lives meaning, they unite us and tie


last of the blossoms

cause you should listen with your heart…

I opened the fridge door and it was the first thing to

another summer’s day

couldn’t help myself! had to add some more summer

Project 12: an editorial mix

Decisions decisions decisions, uuuuuuummmm now this is

that summer feeling

for the first time today it feels like summer is on it

an island hop

Ok that’s it, from now on we travel in the off

NARA | KYOTO – part 2

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, yes I am serious, it

NARA | KYOTO – part 1

Four and a half hours on a train with the kids, really

Your Shot National Geographic

This week was a good photography week for me! I

a different direction…

Sitting there all wrapped up, warm, cosy, dosed up full

a silly snow…

Ok so I have days where I feel old, old and tired, old

a flower project…

I recently did a great little two week workshop and I

a rare snow day…

“So what do you think” he said, ”