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Sometimes you just get lucky | Meji Jingu | Tokyo | Japan

I walk a lot, and as often as I can, walking I would say is one of my all time favourite hobbies! This day I justView full post »

Statues | Kamakura | Japan

I honestly believe that you could live in Kamakura for many years and never run out of new things to see!View full post »

The Golden Pavilion | Kinkaku-ji | Kyoto | Japan

Although this place is pretty much always completely packed there is something special about it.View full post »

new addiction | china town | yokohama | japan

For some reason we waited over 2 years to travel 30 minutes up the road to see China Town in Yokohama, now that I haveView full post »

Senso-Ji Temple | Peace and quiet

Every now and again I get this need to just jump in the car and go somewhere that satisfies my senses, this week I hadView full post »

and then it rained

You cannot beat a good downpour! This year though has been a very wet one so far in Tokyo, with lots more rainView full post »

A walk around Zojo-ji Temple, making friends with my Fuji.

  This is a post for my fellow photographer, specifically the ones looking for a small alternative camera. IView full post »


early morning on lake Akan, it was me, the ducks and the lake – it was great!View full post »

greens – Lake Akan

You may have noticed by now that I thoroughly enjoyed Lake Akan. The variety of beauty that is found around this lake.View full post »

bears – Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan.

I got very worried that we wouldn’t see any bears in Hokkaido, it was on the very last day of the holiday thatView full post »

get ready to spread your wings and fly

Early morning, Lake Akan, Akan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan.View full post »

Hello my name is Cassandra and I am a Artifact Uprising addict.

. Looking back now I wish my addiction had started earlier. All those pictures stuck on my hard drives or stored awayView full post »

Shiretoko Peninsula

I am addicted to Japan. Travelling around this country is amazing, the people are kind and gentle and the places thatView full post »

Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu in the Akan National Park is a beautiful lake in the centre of a potentially active volcano. It is surroundedView full post »

Anpanman addict

Yep she is a Anpanman addict I’ll have to keep one of these books for when she is all grown up and in otherView full post »

Shiretoko Goko Lakes walk

On the Shiretoko Peninsula there is the Shiretoko Goko lakes walk, (5 lakes walks). The first section of it has beenView full post »

NG travel contest inspiration

. I am a huge fan of National Geographic, I think most people are. I still remember looking through them with aView full post »

get out there

Inspired by the wonderful artifact uprising , I received my parcel full of print and books today, photos coming soonView full post »