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stay calm stay focused

stay calm and stay focused – advice to myselfView full post »

in bloom

It is 2 weeks early but the signs are spring are hereView full post »

a bit of advice to myself

I have an exciting week coming up but at the same time my nerves are all over the place at the moment! I know inView full post »

signs of life.

There is something special about seeing the small, everyday, signs of life.View full post »

Work your arse off…

 I start a 5 week intensive workshop tomorrow, I’m both extremely excited about it and a bundle of nerves.View full post »

scribbling exercise

Not so much scribbling, but I had an exercise to do for my course where I needed to create texture using pen andView full post »

photo or illustration

So I love photography and I love illustration: it was only a matter of time before I played with them lolView full post »

row, row, row your boat

Soooooo, I have just got my marks back for my first assignment with the London Art college. I got 81% which I am veryView full post »

not seeing cebu

If you don’t know already, I am rather fond of creative things. So much so that I somewhat fearlessly try thingsView full post »